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ANPR Car Park Enforcement

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition “ANPR” system is designed to help maximise available space, increase store/business revenues, increase car park income and improve customer satisfaction.

At the same time, the system captures valuable data on customer parking and usage habits to continually improve car park functionality and flow. This data can also be used by you to understand:


   ● Customer Shopping Patterns
   ● Parking Habits
   ● Parking Durations
   ● Arrival & Departure Patterns
   ● Revenue Generation Possibilities
   ● Parking Capacity

Through the use of innovative high-speed image capturing technology, we photograph every vehicle that enters and leaves your car park, together with a date and time stamp – ensuring your private car park rules are enforced around the clock. From the images, we identify vehicles that have breached your car park rules, and send them a parking ticket in the post.

Benefits Of Our ANPR

There are a number of benefits in using our ANPR parking system for both you and your users:


It is user-friendly with simplistic interfaces.


Our ANPR system is reliable in all weather conditions.


It operates 24/7. Our ANPR parking system works around the clock, day and night.


Increased efficiency. ANPR car parks do not require a parking patrol or attendant to be on site and they do not require a barrier.


It is easy and cost-effective. We can quickly install our ANPR parking system so you can start securely managing your car park instantly. You can also cut costs by reducing the need for physical security personnel and barrier systems.


Increase revenue from parking. ANPR systems are a great way to generate revenue and maximise profitability. Motorists must pay (or register) to use your facilities, if they fail to pay or outstay their allotted parking time, we will send them a parking ticket…and they won’t offend again!