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Hotel, Bar and Restaurant Car Parks

Are your guests and staff members experiencing problems in finding available spaces to park their vehicles while staying at your hotel?

We think it might be time for you to introduce our system!

We believe that an effective hotel parking management solution plays a critical role in the overall branding for the hospitality business. Your car park is an extension of your business and as such, should offer the same level of care and customer service that your restaurant or hotel provides.

Especially if you think about the fact that your parking facility might just be the first and last thing guests will see and experience at your premises.

Having worked with many businesses in the industry over the years, we know that parking management can prove to be very tricky, especially due to how essential your customer’s experience is in this sector.

Having an accessible parking space is a big part of the overall package that a customer expects when booking a restaurant or hotel. It is, therefore, vital that you provide your guests with the amenities that they have come to expect in order to be seen as an attractive place to frequent.

Is this leading to negative online reviews and unhappy customers, damaging the reputation of your business?

In our experience, a lot of car park-related problems stem from a lack of management or resources and result in unauthorised vehicles taking up space needed for guests. This is especially true to those premises that are located close to tourist hotspots, city centres, business parks and main roads.

People parking in restaurant and hotel car parks whilst at work at local businesses or vehicles staying overnight without paying, are indeed a common sight and can lead to a loss of customers and revenue, and to theft and vandalism in the car park.